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Here are your 2 search results for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Inari, Finland

Christmas Mountain Excursion

Christmas Mountain Excursion - Inari, Finland

Duration: 2 days
Location: Inari, Finland

From USD

This over night trip up to Christmas Mountain is suitable for everyone. The 4 km walk takes you from small border village Näätämö through various forests and waters with rich wildlife all the way up on top of the Christmas Mountain ... More info ›

This over night trip up to Christmas Mountain is suitable for everyone. The 4 km walk takes you from small border village Näätämö through various forests and waters with rich wildlife all the way up on top of the Christmas Mountain. It is really common to see wild reindeers on the way and you have a professional guide with you to ensure your safety. You get to do fishing, berry- and mushroom picking, bird watching etc. We set up tent camp at suitable place and make open fire to cook food. Must do hike when visiting Higher-Lapland.
Price includes food and drinks(no alcohol), fishing gears, tent, sleeping bag, thin tent mattress and guiding.

We start around 10 a clock am from Näätämö, Finland. The first part of the hike goes on lower grounds in pine and birch tree forests. Then we reach Anna Greta Lakes and can do some fishing. We are already half way to the mountain. There is no rush so we take it calm and enjoy every moment on the way. Possibly make fire at the lake side, have some coffee and drink the fresh lake water. In the autumn the lake sides are filled with blue berries. 
The hike continues into older pine tree forest, over a small bridge and into the tundra. Vegetation changes thinner and shorter and we see the mountain in front of us. The climb is easy and doesn't require any special skills or gears. There is a fire place made out of old reindeer fence  where we get to eat while watching the views. The mountain is on the Norway-Finland border and you can also visit the Norwegian side. From on top you can see also into Russia and Vätsäri wilderness.
Depending to the weather, we find good camp site and set up the tents. Tents are suitable for two adults+one children. In the later Autumn it is possible to see northern lights and the temperature can drop below zero. The evening goes on the camp fire and if you wish to make the experience more extreme, the guide can leave you alone in the wilderness for over the night. 
In the morning when you wish to get up, we go gather berries, make a fire and cook breakfast. Make tee and coffee and watch the nature waking up as well. If the weather has forced us to make the camp at lower grounds, we visit the mountain top once more before starting the hike back to Näätämö village. On the way we do more berry and mushroom picking and fishing. We try to be back in the village before 6pm.
All the berries, mushrooms and perches you find you can have with you after the excursion. Still they need to be checked by the guide.
There can be ready tents already at the mountain. All the camping gears are brought to a near by pickup point by ATV so we don't need to carry them more than few hundred meters. 
You need to have out door clothing. We would recommend a warm beanie, gloves, scarf, three layers of clothing at your upper and lower body, warm socks and also spare pair, at least splash proof shoes but also rubber boots are good.
Everyone should also bring their own mosquito repellent and sun lotion.
Ready, set, welcome.

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Fly Fishing Atlantic Salmon

Fly Fishing Atlantic Salmon - Inari, Finland

Duration: 5 days
Location: Inari, Finland

From USD

Five days all inclusive fishing trip in Norwegian Lapland. You also get to fish for grayling, sea trout and pike ... More info ›

Five days all inclusive fishing trip in Norwegian Lapland. You also get to fish for grayling, sea trout and pike. Trip goes among a local fisherman and you really get to live your life at a awesome salmon river.
Day 1 - Arrival
Your guide Atte comes to get you from airport. On the way to your resort Sun Side, we stop by at grocery store to get your preferred breakfast etc. At Sun Side you get to unpack, take a nap, eat well, have a glass of wine or what ever you feel like. And when you’re   ready, we can go fishing. River is just beside your resort. We start the fishing at the most famous part of the river. At the Fly-sone. It is about 500 meters long fast streaming rapid just below the highest fall of the river. It is so close to sea, that the tide affects it’s lower parts. Salmons that we catch there are usually bright and there is over 20 small salmon pools to fish.

Day 2
Usually day 2 begins while we are already fishing. June and July nights have day light, so fishing is possible around the clock. We fish various pools and find the ones that you like the most. We can reach over 30 salmon pools next to the road so we don’t need to use several hours of your trip for hiking. Just enjoy the car ride and fishing. During day pause we head to Näätämö. It is the Finnish side of   Neiden village. There you can buy souvenirs, eat, see local life and if you’re lucky the reindeers are at the stores too. Drive is just 15min. You have same guide for the whole trip who drives the car, cooks the food and knows the river like his own pockets. Atte is making sure of it that you get a fish in the end of your line. The landing is pretty much up to you, but there is some basics you will be informed of. We can fish your preferred way, but it is good to follow guides tips. He isn’t just a guy driving you around, he is a fishing guide.
Day 3
There is still new pools to go for. It is your wishes and fly casting skills that define where we fish. Some pools are wide and calm   where a bit longer cast is needed. In the rapids there is a lot of small pools with various stream types. Most of them you can reach with short line and without wading. For few pools we need to wade deep and fast streaming water, or jump on big rocks to reach the right   casting angle. Neiden river is really various to fish and there is something for everyone. After fishing we take traditional sauna bath, eat well and perhaps have couple drinks. You can also make your own fly’s this evening.
Day 4 - Fishing
Now you already know many salmon pools and are getting to know the river. We follow the trips theme and fish as you wish. The river has strong salmon population, but also grayling and pike really like it here. Over half meter and ++1kg grayling is pretty  common catch, but they won’t bite salmon fly’s so easy. We need to use different fly's. Pike then stalks next to grass and all over the calm parts of the river. They’re fun to fish and at the same you do a favor for the salmons.
Day 5 - Departure
If there’s time before your flight, we can do some fishing at departure day too. Your guide drives you back to the airport and on the way we can stop to shop souvenirs and to do some sight seeing. You can bring your catch home with you. We just freeze your fishes  in as big pieces as your luggage can take. Then pack the frozen fishes  in plastic, newspaper and bubblewrap. They stay frozen for several hours. Make sure that you are allowed to bring fish into your home country. You can also choose to release your catch. Some of the catch we eat during your trip, but so far  guides catch has been enough for that. All the fly's you land fish with, you can take home with you.

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